“Your book Living Diversity is a hit as a gift. My mother-in-law who is a teacher says it made her night, after our Christmas dinner and made a forever memory. She loves page 91. The one I bought for our household makes me open to a page or two and consider who the person in the portrait is, what they’ve been through, and their character. I found myself in tears after reading the essay on page 69, because of Mekbib’s journey and also how many people likely would just pass him by and not care about the struggles he has had to overcome and still pursue his own interests. I love his spirit. Each picture is a glimpse into a person whose life is full of so much meaning, tuning into their own needs, desires, passions and hurts. I love the subtlety and the room you provide them to be and that you capture them so authentically. Thank you for being in my life since high school and inspiring me every time I grab a camera or understand what makes an individual unique. Sublime.”  – Maria Halyna Lewytzkyj