Preservation Arlington has done a very nice write up on the book: Arlington Bookshelf: An Incredible Look at Columbia Pike

“The newest addition to our Arlington Bookshelf is one of the most amazing photographic journeys one could take, much less here in Arlington, much less down our most diverse street – Columbia Pike.

Published this month by the University of Virginia Press, Living Diversity: The Columbia Pike Documentary Project, is the extraordinary result of a team of five insightful and highly skilled photographers and interviewers portraying the contemporary life of people and sites along the exceptionally ethnically-diverse and rapidly-changing Columbia Pike corridor …

Lloyd Wolf, Duy Tran, Xang Mimi Ho, Aleksandra Lagkueva, and Paula Endo, have collaborated to document the essence of the place they call home.

Older established ways of life are still in place along the Pike, flourishing alongside large numbers of new citizens from every corner of the planet. Unlike many parts of the world, or even our own country, the stunningly diverse set of people who live here, old and new, and from every continent, do so in relative harmony. The diverse community of Columbia Pike is a lens through which to glimpse the emerging face of America’s future.

The work these photographers have created, which is presented in the book depicts historical, artistic, demographic, and cultural trends in this unique community, trends that are mirrored or in process in other areas of the nation. It visually presents an avenue for understanding the soul of this successful experiment in tolerance and diversity.

It is an exploration, a celebration, a gritty and thought-provoking journey, and a series of quietly expressed questions posed by each photographer. The photographers eyes, hearts, and minds were opened throughout this seven-year journey. And when you see this extraordinary collection of pictures and stories, yours will be too.”

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